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Ceremony Healing and Hair

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At Ceremony Healing and Hair, our team is our pride. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to holistic well-being. Together, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience that goes beyond hair care, immersing our guests in an environment of genuine care, healing, and transformative beauty. Trust in our collective expertise to not only make you look your best but to make you feel truly rejuvenated.

Anthony Long

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Get to know Anthony

Anthony's journey has always been driven by a profound yearning for purpose and holistic growth. From the early days expressing himself through woodworking to his ventures across the United States, he has been on a quest for deeper understanding and self-realization. This spiritual voyage led him to the doors of the Modern Mystery School in Boston, where he stepped onto The Path, receiving initiation and mastering the practices of meditation and healing in the Hermetic tradition. Over the years, Anthony energetically ascended the Tree of Life, diving deep into personal healing through Hermetic Kabbalah in cities like Boston, New York, Austin, and Orlando. Complementing his spiritual journey, he became a fifth-generation Freemason and embraced the discipline of the Men of War Society. Today, Anthony continues to advance in these organizations, bridging the world of ancient wisdom with contemporary healing, and bringing this depth of understanding to Ceremony Healing and Hair.