About Us

About Ceremony Healing & Hair

Ceremony is redefining the boundaries of hair care and styling by introducing a holistic approach to the traditional salon experience.

At Ceremony, the philosophy goes beyond simple aesthetics. 

Here, beauty is viewed as an act of self-care, a pivotal component of wellness that has profound impacts on overall well-being. 

This innovative salon is not just about hairstyles and hair colors; it’s about instilling confidence, promoting self-love, and enhancing wellness in all aspects.

Committed to health and environmental sustainability, Ceremony only utilizes organic beauty products. 

Each product is handpicked to align with our dedication to wellness, from nourishing shampoos and conditioners to low-toxic colorants and ethically sourced extensions, ensuring that every aspect of our service is safe for both guests and the planet.

Ceremony boasts a wide spectrum of organic hair specialties to cater to diverse hair care needs. The salon’s unique approach enhances each guest’s unique beauty.

A favorite service our guests love is the incorporation of energy healing and hair steam treatments during the shampoo stage. This unique integration of wellness therapies into salon services ensures a stress-reducing, deeply relaxing experience, transforming a routine salon visit into a holistic wellness journey.


Guests seeking a deeper level of rejuvenation can opt for add-on or extended healing sessions or choose from any one of our 20 healing sessions.

These sessions are conducted in a serene, private space within the salon, allowing for a tranquil retreat and a deeper exploration of well-being.

At Ceremony, the traditional salon visit is transformed into a holistic journey of wellness that enriches both the hair and spirit, echoing the belief that beauty is a deeply personal, transformative experience.

Ceremony Healing and Hair

Meet the team

At Ceremony Healing and Hair, our team is our pride. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to holistic well-being. Together, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience that goes beyond hair care, immersing our guests in an environment of genuine care, healing, and transformative beauty. Trust in our collective expertise to not only make you look your best but to make you feel truly rejuvenated.

Owner of Cermony salon


Ashleah Walker, the owner behind Ceremony Healing and Hair, merges beauty and wellness in her unique approach to hair care.

Her intuitive nature allows her to deeply connect with clients, crafting styles and experiences that mirror their inner selves.

She loves “pretty hair with an edge.”

She specializes in curls, textured haircuts, balayage, blonding, long layered haircuts, and color corrections. If you let her, she will give you bangs! 

After recognizing gaps in the traditional salon industry over 15 years, Ashleah embraced the blend of hair artistry with holistic and energy healing, reshaping her passion for hairdressing.

She is delighted to help create community, care for clients, and care for staff in this emerging field in hairdressing. 

Ashleah has over a decade of experience and training in energy medicine and personally trains the staff at Ceremony to have a professional scope of practice. 

Some of her credentials include: a board certified Healing Touch Practitioner and teacher, a Ceremonial Ritual Master,  Teacher, Kabbalist and Healer; a Reiki and Ensofic Reiki practitioner; a Celtic shaman, a certified life coach, and an integrative changeworker in trance and hypnosis. 

Fun fact: Before becoming a hairstylist, Ashleah was a journalist and psychologist. 


Healer + Meditation Teacher

Anthony is a builder and craftsman and loves to work with his hands. He loves building beautiful things, is a master carpenter and is the owner of a general contracting company.

At the heart of everything he does, he loves to create space that feels inviting and makes people feel comfortable.

He is a Ceremonial Ritual Master, Ordained Minister, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Max Meditation Teacher, Master Mason (Freemason,) and a member of the Men of War Society.

He loves hanging custom Crystal Grids (Crystal Gridding a space,) in homes and businesses, and serving clients with sessions like The Life Activation, Purification by Light, and the Fire Soul Awakening.

When he’s not building something, he’s spending his time at Lodge with his Brothers, or studying Hermetic Kabbalah, you might find him Rucking with his dog or talking about raw milk with strangers. He also teaches our monthly meditation and workshops 🎉

Ceremony is Keeping Texas Beautiful and Anthony is Keeping Austin Weird.


Healer + Stylist

Gage Daulton is a whimsical stylist with over six years of professional experience. A true advocate of clean science and holistic self-care; Gage has been sharing their wisdom as a salon educator, mentoring others in the industry to grow and develop their craft for the last 3 years.

In 2021, they embarked on a transformative journey that led them to the vibrant heart of Austin, which they now proudly call home.

Gage’s passion for hair isn’t just about styling; it is a heartfelt expression of self-discovery.

They specialize in all things curls, intuitive cutting, and low-maintenance color, viewing hair as a unique canvas for self-expression.

Beyond the salon, Gage’s life is a tapestry of creativity and connection. You might spot them surrounded by their beloved animals on the sofa, spending quality time with their community or wandering through the enchanting nature around Austin.

Gage’s free-spirited nature is equally at home crafting, reading their latest literary love, practicing yoga, or dancing and singing to the rhythm of life.

Gage invites you to experience hairstyling as a warm and healing ceremony, where every appointment becomes an opportunity to discover your true self.




Maggie stumbled upon the magic of Austin, Texas over a decade ago. 

For over 13 years, Maggie has been a sorceress in the world of hair, conjuring beauty and transforming tresses.

Her journey began in the bustling streets of New York and gracefully twirled its way to the heart of Texas.

Maggie’s artistry takes flight in the world of blondes and extensions, where she weaves dreams into strands and paints hues that dance in the sunlight. 

There’s a special twinkle in her eye when it comes to extensions – the immediate metamorphosis brings her unparalleled joy. It’s not just about hair; it’s about the magic of self-discovery and confidence.

 Maggie is on a mission to sprinkle a little fairy dust, offering a helping hand to those who dream of luxuriously thick hair but might not have it naturally.

So, step into Maggie’s world, where every hair flip is a spell cast, and every client leaves with a touch of magic in their mane.  


Healer + Stylist

Sharon has been behind the chair creating hair magic for over twenty-five years.

Her foundation in the industry was built on holistic methodology using aromatherapy, healing touch, and Ayurveda..

She has been committed to using eco-conscious and ethically-minded products her entire career.

Sharon is licensed in three states and has lived and worked in multiple cities in the Central U.S.

Her love of Austin and the bonds that she has here called her back two years ago.

You can find her out seeing some live music, shopping at a thrift store with her teenage sons, or volunteering with the PTSA at school. She is a proud mom and leader of her two-dog pack at home.

She also loves to style hair and has done so for many brides, fashion and editorial shoots, music videos, and art projects. 

She is skilled in the process of color correction or a total transformation to heal your hair.

She is reliable for a perfectly detailed pixie cut every four weeks, a shag for your next rock show, or a twice-a-year balayage. She is passionate about color formulation, which her platinum, red, and vivid clients keep coming back.

Sharon believes best part of what we do is holding a safe space for our clients and building relationships where trust and healing can happen.