About Us

About Ceremony healing and hair

Ceremony is redefining the boundaries of hair care and styling by introducing a holistic approach to the traditional salon experience.

At Ceremony, the philosophy goes beyond simple aesthetics. Here, beauty is viewed as an act of self-care, a pivotal component of wellness that has profound impacts on overall well-being. This innovative salon is not just about hairstyles and hair colors; it’s about instilling confidence, promoting self-love, and enhancing wellness in all aspects.

Committed to health and environmental sustainability, Ceremony only utilizes clean beauty products. Each product is handpicked to align with our dedication to wellness, from nourishing shampoos and conditioners to low-toxic colorants, ensuring that every aspect of our service is safe for both guests and the planet.

A favorite service our guests love is the incorporation of energy healing during the shampoo stage. This unique integration of wellness therapies into salon services ensures a stress-reducing, deeply relaxing experience, transforming a routine salon visit into a holistic wellness journey.

Guests seeking a deeper level of energetic rejuvenation can opt for extended energy work.

These sessions are conducted in a serene, private space within the salon, allowing for a tranquil retreat and a deeper exploration of well-being.

Ceremony boasts a wide spectrum of hair specialties to cater to diverse hair care needs. Their stylists excel in color correction, ensuring vibrancy and balance in all hair tones. The salon’s unique approach to painted highlights adds depth and dimension to hairstyles, creating a tailored look that enhances each guest’s unique beauty.

With particular expertise in styling redheads and brunettes, Ceremony  has a deep understanding of the unique requirements of these hair types. Our stylists work to accentuate natural beauty and to ensure each individual’s hair health is optimally maintained.

The salon’s proficiency extends to modern and textured haircuts, including shag cuts and curly styles. Embracing and celebrating the natural texture of hair, Ceremony empowers its guests to confidently showcase their individuality.

At Ceremony, the traditional salon visit is transformed into a holistic journey of wellness that enriches both the hair and spirit, echoing the belief that beauty is a deeply personal, transformative experience.

About Ashleah

Ashleah Walker, the visionary behind Ceremony Healing and Hair, is a hair care professional with a unique perspective that reimagines beauty and wellness as a unified entity.

With an innate intuitive nature, Ashleah has always had a remarkable ability to understand her clients’ needs and aspirations. Her perception extends beyond mere aesthetics, reaching into the heart of her clients’ for a fully transformative experience. This intuitive approach enables Ashleah to create styles that are not only visually stunning but also echo the personality and desires of each individual.

The turning point in Ashleah’s career came after working over 15 years in the traditional salon world and noticed some big gaps in the industry in regards to inner beauty. In exploring the possibilities of hair artistry, she stumbled upon the inspiring potential of merging her craft with holistic services and energy healing. This realization rekindled her passion for hairdressing, casting it in a fresh, invigorating light that encompassed more than just outward beauty.

This revelation led Ashleah to recognize the deep connection between wellness and beauty, a synergy that resonated with her holistic worldview. It was this perspective that led to the birth of Ceremony Healing and Hair, a manifestation of Ashleah’s vision to integrate hair care, wellness, and energy work into one transformative experience.

Driven by her commitment to sharing her vision and influencing positive change within the salon industry, Ashleah developed “Becoming Light,” an innovative program for salon and suite owners. This immersive training program offers hands-on guidance and certification for incorporating holistic and energetic elements into hairdressing, fostering an enriched experience for both the stylist and the client.

“Becoming Light” is a testament to Ashleah’s commitment to elevating the salon experience and her belief in the potential of her fellow hairdressers. Through her program, she strives to inspire a generation of stylists who, like her, see beauty as more than skin deep. It’s a journey towards instilling a sense of well-being, celebrating individuality, and fostering a renewed sense of self-love and empowerment in their clients.

In every facet of her work, Ashleah continues to blur the lines between beauty and wellness, turning each hair service into a sacred ceremony of self-care and transformation. She is not just a hairdresser; she’s a trailblazer, leading the way in redefining the art of hairdressing.