Ceremony Healing and Hair

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Ashleah specializes in textured, curly and lived-in razor haircuts. With low-tox color, she specializes in color correction, brunettes, redheads and hand-painted blonde highlights.

Are you new? Start here! This is required for all new color services to curate an Rx for you.
Vortex - Need a Tweak
These are dry cuts and trims for existing clients; short haircuts; or a gloss with a blowout on existing fine hair clients.
Crown Chakra - Need a Touchup
This is for a haircut for both new and existing hair clients, a root color touchup, or a gloss and blowout. If getting a root color and you want a blowout, choose the "add blowout" option.
Crystalline - Need a Change
This is for cut and color combos or partial highlights with a blowout. Includes deep conditioner, glossing and a steam hair facial. This experience also be broken into a ritual haircut service with a custom healing session in the private Ceremony room.
Lightworker - Need a Transformation
This is for a transformation haircut with color. May also be a full highlight and blowout package, or any custom color projects. All bookings under this package include glossing, deep conditioning, a steamed hair facial, and styling education. Depending on the beauty service, this can also include a longer healing session in the private Ceremony room.

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Ceremony Hair Salon

Appointments include five minutes of energy healing during the shampoo service, but is not required for hair services.

Energy healing releases stress, promotes mind/connection and an overall sense of well-being by placing hands on or over the body. Clients may add time to their appointments to include extended energy services in the private Ceremony room.*

Full fee is charged for late cancellations (less than 48 hours) or no-shows.*