Ceremony Healing and Hair

Healing Starts Here

Ceremony isn’t your average salon where you feel rushed between other appointments.

When you book with us, you not only receive low-toxic and organic hair care, you receive a transformative experience that caters to every aspect of your well-being.

Because here at Ceremony, we know beauty is more than skin-deep. 

And you’re not just a client; you’re part of a community that values wellness, sustainability, and the art of self-care. 

Welcome to Ceremony, where your beauty ritual is sacred.

Are you new? Start here! This is required for all new highlight and extension services to curate a custom Rx for you. Any new client may book this too!


Vortex - Need a Refresh

These are dry cuts and trims for existing clients; short haircuts; or a gloss with a blowout on existing fine hair clients.

Crown Chakra
New Haircut or Touchup

This is for a haircut for both new and existing hair clients, a root color touchup, or a gloss and blowout. If getting a root color and you want a blowout, choose the “add blowout” option.

Crystalline - Need a Change

This is for cut and color combos or partial highlights with a blowout. Includes deep conditioner, glossing and a steam hair facial. This experience also be broken into a ritual haircut service with a custom healing session in the private Ceremony room. ​

Aura - Need a Short Cut

Specially crafted for short hair maintenance, this service provides precision cuts or dry cuts for the face frame and bangs, ensuring a fresh and tailored look for existing clients.

Lightworker - Need a Transformation

This is for longer color and cut projects, with or without highlights. All bookings under this package include glossing, deep conditioning, a steamed hair facial, and styling education. 

High Priestess - Need a Highlight

Perfect for adding light and dimension, this service offers highlights with a blowout, enhancing the hair’s natural beauty and texture. If you need more highlights you can add-on time during booking.

Partial Extension Maintenance

Focused on maintaining the quality and style of partial extensions, this service is essential for the upkeep and longevity of your hair extensions.

Full Extension Maintenance

Ideal for clients with full extensions, this service ensures that your extensions are kept in pristine condition, maintaining their natural look and feel.

New Extensions or Removal with New Extensions

Tailored for clients seeking new extensions or needing a removal and reapplication, this service provides a comprehensive approach to achieving the perfect extension look.

Book Appointment

Ceremony Hair Salon

Appointments include aromatherapy, energy work and a steam hair facial during the shampoo service, but is not required.

Energy work releases stress, promotes mind/connection and an overall sense of well-being by placing hands on or over the body.

Clients may add time to their appointments to include extended energy healing services in the private Ceremony room.*

Please note: full fee is charged for late cancellations (less than 24 hours) or no-shows.*